Career Pilot Teacher Session at Your School

Next Steps Cornwall are offering to visit your school to carry out a 45 minute session providing teachers and advisers an overview of the Career Pilot website, and other resources that are available from Next Steps.

Please find a booking form below:

Career Pilot highlights
Career Pilot highlights

We are hoping that the teacher and student feedback speaks for itself: 

Student 1:"I very much enjoyed my experience with Next Steps and I will definitely use this website again, I believe it will help me in the future with choosing careers and different subjects to study. The layout is perfect and easy to navigate through. I recommend Career Pilot to anyone under the age of 19 years because it is a great website for everyone to use."

Student 2:"I learnt that there are a lot more jobs in the areas I am interested in than I thought. It has opened my eyes to many different opportunities."

Teacher 1:"This was ideal for Year 8 students, and encouraged them to think seriously about career choices for perhaps the first time."

Teacher 2:"You guys were great and the students really enjoyed their day."

The session will provide you with the following: 

  • Find out about Careerpilot and have a chance to explore the site;
  • Know more about the Parent Zone and HE SKills Map;
  • Know how to access teaching materials through the Adviser Zone;
  • Share ideas and resources for your own school
  • How to access further resources from Next Steps Cornwall

To book Next Steps Cornwall to deliver a Career Pilot session at your school

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Career Pilot infographic
Career Pilot infographic