University of Exeter

Curriculum led, downloadable and loanable resources for Key Stage 4 from  world leading academics at the University of Exeter's, Penryn Campus as explained in the above video.

The lessons directly link to the national curriculum stemming from the world leading research at the Penryn Campus. They will aim to show a research led style of learning and introduce topics relevant to university study adapted to the Key Stage 4 level as a reflection of university style teaching.

If there are any issues with downloads or you would prefer a different format please contact c.bailey@exeter.ac.uk

Focus Groups

If you are interested in providing feedback for the sessions between now and December with suggested edits or adaptions, please contact Charlotte Bailey c.bailey@exeter.ac.uk

Resource Summary

Teacher Feedback Form

Higher Education Resources

Below is also a number of resources about Higher Education - if you would like a printed version of any of these please contact c.bailey@exeter.ac.uk